Don Songs!






Taco Fangle 1




Hola. I am Taco, Taco Caramba, the most ferocious pirate parrot ever to fly the seven seas.  Here is a picture of me with Captain Fangle, the Captain of our pirate ship. But, you know, I was not always a pirate. If you want to hear some of my adventures, like where I was born and how I became a pirate,  just click here.



I’m the Ductionary – the duck who knows every word in the English language, spelling and definition. Actually, most people call me Madame Ductionary, and you can too. Do you like my feathers? I just had them done. I think they’re just dazzling. That’s d-a-z-z-l-i-n-g, which means “overpowering with beauty.” Aren’t words just fascinating! There are so many of them, and each one means something different.



I’m the Snoof – the detective who can find anything, even if it isn’t there! As you can see, I have five senses. In fact, you might say I am five senses, since all there is to me are two eyes, two ears, one hand, one nose, and, of course, a tongue. Well, what more does a detective need?